Phoenix Marie - Baseball Loving Pornstar Tries Again

Phoenix Marie is still horny, and still ducking into the dugout to tease the sexy athletes, for this series of 69 photos. I just can't take it anymore... these sports stars have been watching this pornstar from a distance. I want them so bad, it's making me sweat... I can feel their strong bodies all over me, but it's all in my imagination, for now. Watch me grind and tease and try every trick in the book, for this solo fantasy session!

STARRING: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie Alone at the Right Time, Right Place

Phoenix Marie fans, it might not be summer anymore, but there are still plenty of hot times to be had in the outdoors! For this set, I'm down to panties and a tank top, and I'm all sweaty from ...hmm, who knows what? And you've caught me in this state, leaning up against the wall, and I'm staring at you. Want to see what happens next? Step up to a pornstar at the right moment, see what happens...

STARRING: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie - Blonde Babe At Bat

Phoenix Marie is back at the ball park... got to get it, while the getting's good! Like I said just a week ago, a girl has to stay in shape. Well, I've done my training, but my favorite kind of exercise is still to cum! Nothing guarantees you'll break a sweat like flashing a bunch of athletes, so I'm back to flaunting my sexy pornstar body in the dugout. Do you think anybody will come take a swing at me?

STARRING: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie - Your Bat, My Box?

Phoenix Marie fans know I love to keep in shape! How else could I get all you guys and girls constantly lusting after my body, except to keep my body looking like this? Well I'm rocking it in the dugout, wearing just a pair of pink briefs and a tanktop, for 51 steamy, sporty photos. I'm such a naughty tease in this one. I flash my big breasts, and rub at my other girly parts, but you'd better swing that bat right if you want to see more!

STARRING: Phoenix Marie