Phoenix Marie - Blonde Babe At Bat

Phoenix Marie is back at the ball park... got to get it, while the getting's good! Like I said just a week ago, a girl has to stay in shape. Well, I've done my training, but my favorite kind of exercise is still to cum! Nothing guarantees you'll break a sweat like flashing a bunch of athletes, so I'm back to flaunting my sexy pornstar body in the dugout. Do you think anybody will come take a swing at me?

STARRING: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie - Your Bat, My Box?

Phoenix Marie fans know I love to keep in shape! How else could I get all you guys and girls constantly lusting after my body, except to keep my body looking like this? Well I'm rocking it in the dugout, wearing just a pair of pink briefs and a tanktop, for 51 steamy, sporty photos. I'm such a naughty tease in this one. I flash my big breasts, and rub at my other girly parts, but you'd better swing that bat right if you want to see more!

STARRING: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie - Sweating to the Hotties

Phoenix Marie is working up a sweat! Hey fans, here are 45 photos of me, all hot and bothered at the gym. The camera crew caught me after my routine and snapped some photos before I hit the showers. While we were at it, I tried out a sexy pair of suspenders... and that's the only thing covering my big breasts in those shots! Most of this series is safe for work, so you can enjoy your favorite pornstar anywhere!

STARRING: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie Gets Seduced Into Anal

Phoenix Marie could really go for some dick right about now... or, that's what I WAS saying, before we shot these photos! It's 142 shots, starting with a sweet little bit of making out. He gets me tingling so hard, I stop everything to get up and strip naked. Next we're licking and sucking each other in sensitive spots, and soon I've got him stiff as a board. I put him in my pussy first, but he wants anal... and I'm having too much fun to stop him!

STARRING: Phoenix Marie
PICTURES: 142 Pics