Phoenix Marie - Mouth Lust

Phoenix Marie fans, here comes the video you've all been waiting for! Christian XXX and I have the kind of sexual chemistry that's famous in the pornstar biz, and this 13 minute clip will show you why chemistry is what makes sex hot! Before the blowjob and during sex, you'll see us kissing almost constantly... maybe it's just my oral fixation, but it's so hot to kiss and fuck at the same time!

STARRING: Phoenix Marie,Christian XXX
Phoenix Marie - A Very Full Short

Phoenix Marie fans, I've got my hands full... no, wait, that's not it, it's the other way around... I think I meant to say, I'm full of my hands! I'm so overloaded with sensation, I'm not really sure what I'm saying... Both my ass and pussy just demand that full, stretched feeling... I mean really, really full. I'm not even kidding... do you want to find out how many fingers I can fit in my ass, and in my pussy? So do I. Let's find out.

STARRING: Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie's Weekend Getaway, part 2

Phoenix Marie fans, I promised you more... are you sure you're ready for this? When you've had as much sex as me, you get used to a lot of sexual tastes. When it comes to sex, this guy likes to give and receive... so I laid him on his back, strapped on one of my toys, and sucked on his toes while fucking him in the ass! He liked it so much he got on top and jacked himself off all over my big breasts!

STARRING: Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie's Weekend Getaway, part 1

Phoenix Marie is here to show you fans something truly special and priceless. I don't usually make my private sex life part of my job, but I had to make an exception for the romp I had with this guy. It was one of the best weekends in I've ever spent with just one person, and this video isn't all you'll see... oh, you'll get to watch him fuck me plenty, but wait until you see me fuck him...

STARRING: Phoenix Marie